Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hardi wanted a title, so here it is ;)

During the last class we discussed a few different possibilities for our Naval Combat game. First we discussed the ship's movement and shooting. We discussed the movement on a board that we all decided needed to be fixed. The idea we had before was that you could build the board before each game with hexagonal pieces. After discussion we realized that this kind of board construction would be difficult and also not contribute to the eventual game modes in the way we wanted them to. That leads into the different game modes. We discussed different game modes such as: Cops and Robbers, Treasure Hunting, King of the Hill, and Death Match. We decided that we wanted to further develop the Treasure Hunting and the Cops and Robbers modes. Treasure Hunting was thought of with the idea of each player just having their fleet to find treasure and resources on different islands. There would be a home port for each player and then some neutral ports in addition to islands that had resources and crew up for grab. Each player would have a list of resources that they need to end the game and would be able to declare themselves the winner once they get the resources they need back to their home port. The Cops and Robbers game mode is more focused on there being three teams with specific roles and goals. There would be a Merchant team that is trying to move resources from port to port. There would be a Pirate team that tries to attack and steal from the Merchants. There would be a Navy team that attempts to protect the Merchants. Each team would get points by achieving their specific goals. We also discussed other possibilities for the game. We came up with an idea for each player being able to build a Flagship with wood they collect from islands. The Flagship would be one hexagon larger than regular ships and have a slower movement but they could fire more cannons and have a bigger hold for equipment, crew and resources. Resources were another big topic. We discussed Fruit being a resource that would be needed to stave off scurvy and starvation. Iron would be needed to have equipment. Gold would be needed to hire crew members. Crew members were also discussed. Crew could have different powers, such as a captain allowing you to choose a movement or a shot after seeing where everyone else went. Crew would give you different advantages based on their costs. We were unable to meet up outside of class this week because of the heavy exam schedule for our group, but their week we plan on meeting up and getting a 3D design done for the boats so that they can get printed in time for the final draft.

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