Sunday, December 8, 2013

Wrap Up

            Last class we play tested other groups’ games. Everyone besides one member in a group stayed back to explain the rules and directions to the players. Sunny and I played the Harry Potter and the Empires of Trade games. The Harry Potter game seemed to have many problems such as the their board and the mechanics of the game. Sunny and I personally enjoyed the Empires of Trade game. The Empires of Trade is similar to the first board game we played in class, which was the Settlers of Catan. Similarly, their game had resources to set up a location. Moreover, trade was involved that is a great way for player interaction and strategy.

            As we were play-testing other games, Mihaly and Ian took turns in explaining the rules and directions to other groups. Our game received a good response. A lot of people were amazed by the 3D boats and enjoyed the battling of the ships. The feedback they received was really good. Everyone for the most part liked our game and strategy however said minor changes needed to be made. One of the things they wanted changed was the size of the resource cards because they were too small and easy to lose.  Therefore, we made the resource cards bigger so they can fit into ones hands. People were also very confused with the movements of the boats. So we decided to make diagrams for the movements of both boats and how they shoot from the nose. Overall everything was well executed, however some minor details needed to be fixed and I believe the four of us collectively came up with solutions to those problems.

            Some other new ideas we thought of was that whoever is the captain, the person who’s turn it is, has to wear the captains hat to distinguish his or herself. We believed the captains hat would add add a fun element to our board game. We look forward to present our game to the professional game designers next week.

-Hardi and Sunny

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